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Living room furniture Asia

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The living room furniture is decorated with decorative elements in gold color that emphasize the silhouette of the furniture. The decoration of the living room corner, combined with the bright fabric, emphasizes the elegance of the shapes and creates a sense of luxury.
A very impressive element is the decoration of the backs of the two sofas. The set includes removable decorative pillows. All pillows come with zippered cases for easy cleaning and washing.
Upholstery is a combination of two patterns. The furniture is upholstered in the face and back.
The fabric is white with floral elements.
The fabric is of the highest quality, a very dense fabric with a high coefficient of wear resistance
The perfect blend of colors, shapes and designs gives a luxurious look to the living room furniture
Living room furniture Asia includes:
- 4-seater sofa with sleep function;
- sofa 3 with chest;
- armchair - 2 pcs;
- poof
The coffee table is sold separately and is NOT included in the price of the living room furniture.

Dimensions:Sizes * four sofa: Height: 107 cm. Width 90 cm. Length: 240 cm. Berth: 190 x 123 cm. Sizes * sofa threesome: Height: 107 cm. Width 90 cm. Length: 220 cm. Luggage Chest Sizes * armchair: Height: 107 cm. Width 90 cm. Length: 100 cm. Dimensions * pouf: Height: 47 cm. Width 47 cm. Length: 70 cm. Dimensions * Coffee table: Height: 47 cm. Width 70 cm. Length: 120 cm.
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